BAS EN 415-3+A1:2010

Sigurnost mašina za pakovanje – dio 3: Mašine za oblikovanje, punjenje i zatvaranje

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Status: Povučen
Broj strana: 88
Jezik: Engleski
Izdanje: 1.
Metoda usvajanja: Proglašavanje
Nadnevak objave: 24.12.2010
2006/42/EC, Strojevi

This European Standard establishes safety requirements for form, fill and seal packaging machines and the filling machines which are particularly associated with them. This group of machines is defined in detail in clause 3 of this standard, with diagrams illustrating examples of the principle of operation of each machine type. However briefly, this standard covers the following broad groups of machines: - horizontal form, fill and seal machines; - vertical form, fill and seal machines; - pre-made bag erect fill and seal machines; - mandrel flexible package or carton form, fill and seal machines; - carton erect, fill and close machines; - thermoform, fill and seal machines. Filling machines commonly fitted to form, fill and seal machines including: - auger fillers; - volumetric cup fillers; - volumetric piston fillers;- - counters; - gravimetric fillers (weighers). This standard covers the safety requirements for machine design, construction, installation, commissioning, operation, adjustment, maintenance and cleaning. This part of prEN 415 applies primarily to machines manufactured after the date of issue of this standard. This standard does not cover in detail the safety or hygiene hazards associated with the products which may be handled on form, fill and seal machines, but does include general advice. This standard does not cover thermoforming machines. These machines are covered in prEN 12409. This standard does not cover blow mould, fill and seal machines. The main hazards and safety requirements for these machines are described in EN 422.

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  • EN 415-3:1999+A1:2009, identičan

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