BAS standards at public enquiry

Institute for Standardization of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the proposal of BAS technical committees, announces a public enquiry on draft national standards (stage code 40.20).

Deadline for submission of comments on draft national standards is 60 days from the publication of the enquiry on the Institute's website (if necessary, it can be shortened to no less than 30 days).

The drafts of BAS standards are available to our stakeholders via online module for reading the draft of BAS standards, and basic information about the draft (title, scope, technical committee that prepared the draft for public discussion, etc.) is available on the ISBIH website. 

The request for access to the draft BAS standard at the public enquiry should be sent to email: To be able to access the online module for reading the draft BAS standards, you must be registered on our website.

Written comments on the draft national standards (with the designation of BAS technical committee and the reference designation of the BAS draft standards) shall be submitted to the Institute. 

To fill this form correctly, see the Comment Form Use Guide.

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Standard referenceStage codeBAS/TCReal dateForseen date for next stage code
nsBAS EN 15734-2+A1:2024
Railway applications - Braking systems of high speed trains - Part 2: Test methods
40.20BAS/TC 4622.04.202409.06.2024
nsBAS EN 15940:2024
Automotive fuels - Paraffinic diesel fuel from synthesis or hydrotreatment - Requirements and test methods
40.20BAS/TC 1128.03.202427.05.2024
nsBAS EN 15969-1:2024
Tanks for transport of dangerous goods - Digital interface for the data transfer between tank vehicle and with stationary facilities - Part 1: Protocol specification - Control, measurement and event data
40.20BAS/TC 4123.04.202421.06.2024
nsBAS EN 15969-2:2024
Tanks for transport of dangerous goods - Digital interface for the data transfer between tank vehicle and with stationary facilities - Part 2: Commercial and logistic data
40.20BAS/TC 4123.04.202421.06.2024
nsBAS EN 15987:2024
Leather - Terminology - Key definitions for the leather trade
40.20BAS/TC 4826.04.202426.06.2024
nsBAS EN 16056:2024
Influence of metallic materials on water intended for human consumption - Method to evaluate the passive behaviour of stainless steels and other passive alloys
40.20BAS/TC 717.05.202417.07.2024
nsBAS EN 16091:2024
Liquid petroleum products - Middle distillates and fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) fuels and blends - Determination of oxidation stability by rapid small scale oxidation test (RSSOT)
40.20BAS/TC 1128.03.202427.05.2024
nsBAS EN 16105:2024
Paints and varnishes - Laboratory method for determination of release of regulated dangerous substances from coatings in intermittent contact with water
40.20BAS/TC 3917.04.202417.06.2024
nsBAS EN 16116-1:2024
Railway applications - Design requirements for steps, handrails and associated access for staff - Part 1: Passenger vehicles, vans and locomotives
40.20BAS/TC 4622.04.202409.06.2024
nsBAS EN 16186-3:2024
Railway applications - Driver’s cab - Part 3: Design of displays for heavy rail vehicles
40.20BAS/TC 4622.04.202409.06.2024
nsBAS EN 16186-5+A1:2024
Railway applications - Driver's cabs - Part 5: External visibility for tram vehicles
40.20BAS/TC 4622.04.202409.06.2024
nsBAS EN 16186-8:2024
Railway applications - Driver's cab - Part 8: Tram vehicle layout and access
40.20BAS/TC 4622.04.202409.06.2024
nsBAS EN 16194:2024
Mobile non-sewer-connected toilet cabins - Requirements of services and products relating to the deployment of cabins and sanitary products
40.20BAS/TC 717.05.202417.07.2024
nsBAS EN 16232+A2:2024
Child use and care articles - Infant swings
40.20BAS/TC 5407.05.202406.07.2024
nsBAS EN 16254:2024
Adhesives - Emulsion polymer isocyanate (EPI) for load-bearing timber structures - Classification and performance requirements
40.20BAS/TC 902.04.202401.06.2024
nsBAS EN 16329:2024
Diesel and domestic heating fuels - Determination of cold filter plugging point - Linear cooling bath method
40.20BAS/TC 1128.03.202427.05.2024
nsBAS EN 16334-1:2014+A1:2024
Railway applications - Passenger Alarm System - Part 1: System requirements for mainline rail
40.20BAS/TC 4622.04.202409.06.2024
nsBAS EN 16432-3:2024
Railway applications - Ballastless track systems - Part 3: Acceptance
40.20BAS/TC 4622.04.202409.06.2024
nsBAS EN 16479:2024
Water quality - Performance requirements and conformity test procedures for water monitoring equipment - Automatic sampling devices (samplers) for water and waste water
40.20BAS/TC 717.05.202417.07.2024
nsBAS EN 16484:2024
Leather - Requirements for the determination of the origin of leather production
40.20BAS/TC 4826.04.202426.06.2024