Road Traffic Safety Management System

BAS ISO 39001: 2014 is the basis for creating conditions to increase road safety, and it was developed as a result of the need to reduce the number of accidents and thus the number of killed or seriously injured road users. This standard provides requirements for road traffic safety management system in order to allow activities of organizations within the road traffic system.

The requirements of this standard are related to:

  • identifying the role of each organization in the road traffic system;
  • identifying the operations, processes and functions that have or may have an impact on the road traffic safety;
  • determining the sequence and interaction of key processes and activities and their interactions with other stakeholders that have an impact on the road traffic safety;
  • tracking, monitoring and analysis of processes, activities and functions;
  • security analysis, etc.

This standard is applicable to any organization, regardless of type, size and product or service provided, that who wishes to:

a) improve the road traffic safety performance;
b) establish, maintain and constantly improve road traffic safety management system;
c) assure conformity with road traffic safety policies, and
d) demonstrate conformity with this standard.

The requirements of this standard are generic and are not intended to imply uniformity in the structure of road traffic safety management system or uniformity of documentation. The purpose of this standard is not to exclude road users from their obligations to comply with the law and behave responsibly. Standard can support the organization in its efforts to encourage road users to comply with the law. International document ISO/IEC Directives - Part 1, Annex SL defines the unique structure for the management system standard. Annex SL enables organizations to more easily integrate with other management systems. The structure of BAS ISO 39001: 2014 is in line with Annex SL.

Organizations can be certified in accordance with the requirements of ISO 39001: 2014 by accredited certification bodies, proving that they fulfill the requirements of the standard.