Machinery and tools

General information
Bratislav Todorović
Technical secretary/coordinator:
Biljana Baljaj

Standardization in area of safety of machinery, including terminology, production and application of machines, devices, arrangements, small tools and tools for pressing and moulding.

Relation with international/European committees

CEN/TC 263

Secure storage of cash, valuables and data media

CEN/TC 274

Aircraft ground support equipment

CEN/TC 313


ISO/TC 108

Mechanical vibration, shock and condition monitoring

ISO/TC 118

Compressors and pneumatic tools, machines and equipment

ISO/TC 199

Safety of machinery


Safety of machinery: electrotechnical aspects

CEN/TC 114

Safety of machinery

CEN/TC 186

Industrial thermoprocessing - Safety

CEN/TC 198

Printing and paper machinery - Safety

CEN/TC 202

Foundry machinery

CEN/TC 231

Mechanical vibration and shock

CEN/TC 232

Compressors, vacuum pumps and their systems

CEN/TC 255

Hand-held, non-electric power tools - Safety


Small tools


Machine tools

CEN/TC 143

Machine tools - Safety

TC 44

Safety of machinery - Electrotechnical aspects

ISO/TC 29/SC 5

Grinding wheels and abrasives

ISO/TC 29/SC 8

Tools for pressing and moulding

ISO/TC 29/SC 9

Tools with defined cutting edges, holding tools, cutting items, adaptive items and interfaces

ISO/TC 29/SC 10

Assembly tools for screws and nuts, pliers and nippers

ISO/TC 39/SC 2

Test conditions for metal cutting machine tools

ISO/TC 39/SC 6

Noise of machine tools

ISO/TC 39/SC 8

Work holding spindles and chucks

ISO/TC 108/SC 2

Measurement and evaluation of mechanical vibration and shock as applied to machines, vehicles and structures

ISO/TC 108/SC 4

Human exposure to mechanical vibration and shock

ISO/TC 39/SC 10



Small tools

CEN/TC 213

Cartridge operated hand-held tools - Safety

ISO/TC 108/SC 5

Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machine systems

CEN/TC 397

Baling presses - Safety requirements

ISO/TC 118/SC 3

Pneumatic tools and machines

ISO/TC 39/SC 4

Woodworking machines

ISO/TC 39/SC 4/WG 1

Common requirements and safety of integrated fed machines

ISO/TC 39/SC 4/WG 2

Safety of manually fed machines

ISO/TC 118/SC 6

Air compressors and compressed air systems

ISO/TC 118/SC 4

Compressed air treatment technology

ISO/TC 108/SC 6

Vibration and shock generating systems