The Institute for Standardization of BiH has prepared and published the Bulletin no. 3/20.

Climate change, cybercrime and disruptions in economic activities pose serious threats to the long-term businesses sustainability. However, there is a way to strengthen the companies resistance to these phenomena, and that is innovation. What are innovations, what is their role in the success of companies, what is the role of the international standard for innovation management systems and what are its advantages, find in this issue of Bulletin.

Biodiversity, medical tourism, biobanks, medical spas are just some of the interesting topics you can find.

Bulletin 3/20 also contains other interesting information on the most important activities at the international and European level in the field of standardization, information on the activities of the Institute for Standardization of BiH and the newly published, replaced and withdrawn BAS standards.

In addition to the Bulletin, you can also review the  Official announcements 3/2020, in which the new BiH standards and other standardization documents are published, as well as replaced and suspended BAS standards.